Research Data Management Commission

CGDP is responsible for supporting and promoting Unicamp's institutional policy on research data, proposing actions in this field according to the best practices at the national and international levels for consideration and deliberation by the Central Research Commission. CGDP is also responsible for managing the Research Data Repository (REDU), created by CCP Resolution 006/2020, and qualified as an official instrument responsible for storing digital content in the form of software, raw research data, audio and video recordings, questionnaires, computer codes, photographs and images, spreadsheets, among others.

the creation of REDUCED and CGDP constitute actions arising from the institution by the University Council of Unicamp, from the Institutional Policy for Open Access to Intellectual and Scientific Production at Unicamp, This policy established as official repositories of Unicamp's scientific and intellectual production the REDUCED and the Repository of Scientific and Intellectual Production at Unicamp🇧🇷 While REDU is dedicated to the storage of data and software resulting from research produced at Unicamp, the Repository of Scientific and Intellectual Production at Unicamp stores publications, in the form of articles, books, book chapters, theses, dissertations and other publications.

Composition of the CGDP for the 2022/2024 mandate, established by the CCP Resolution 008/2022:

  • Claudia Maria Bauzer Medeiros – President (Technological/IC)
  • Benilton de Sá Carvalho (Exacts/IMECC)
  • Fabiola Taufic Monica Iglesias (Biomédicas/FCM)
  • Thiago Lima Nicodemo (Humanities and Arts/IFCH)
  • Marcelo Mendes Brandao (COCEN)
  • Marcio Souza Martins (SBU)
  • Paulo Sergio de Moraes (CCUEC)