Submission of new Amendments and Research Projects

The new Amendments and Research Projects for evaluation in the year 2024 must be submitted for evaluation by the Research Ethics Committee (CEP), through the Platform Brazil, any day of the month, and document validation will be carried out in the periods. 

01 to 08February
01 to 10March
01 to 10April
01 to 10May
01 to 12June
01 to 10July
01 to 10August
01 to 11September
01 to 10October
01 to 10November
01 to 06December

In January/2024, new research projects and amendments will not be accepted.

Ordinary Meetings 2024

Ordinary meetings of the Research Ethics Committee take place monthly, as per the calendar below.

I Ordinary Meeting27/02
II Ordinary Meeting26/03
III Ordinary Meeting23/04
IV Ordinary Meeting28/05
V Ordinary Meeting25/06
VI Ordinary Meeting23/07
VII Ordinary Meeting27/08
VIII Ordinary Meeting24/09
IX Ordinary Meeting22/10
X Ordinary Meeting26/11
XI Ordinary Meeting17/12