Research Participants

A Research Participant Rights Booklet elaborated by CONEP brings important information about the protection of people who are participating in a research (Research Participants), that is, they are being researched. If you have been invited to participate in a survey but have not yet made a choice, this material can also help you decide whether or not to accept the invitation.

You will be able to better understand how research with human beings takes place in Brazil, know which competent bodies work to regulate, standardize, educate and provide security and autonomy for people who, in some way, are participating, have already participated or intend to participate in a search.

Research Participant Rights Booklet

Don't worry! If you are in doubt about any subject, some important contacts and a glossary are available at the end of the booklet.

We understand that when we are about to participate in an activity that we are not aware of, in this case a survey, we can feel apprehensive. It is common for some questions to arise:

  • Where to look for help?
  • What are the risks?
  • How will this research take place?
  • Is it trustable?

It was questions like these that inspired the creation of the booklet. When all information is passed on in advance in a clear way, as well as the means of seeking help, feelings of insecurity are alleviated.

The booklet was developed by CONEP especially to support you who have already submitted or are analyzing the possibilities of participating in a survey and want to know everything about your rights and guarantees. Check out:

If you have any questions or need guidance, contact Unicamp's CEP.