Researcher's Handbook

The Researcher's Manual was prepared by the staff of the Technical Unit of Plataforma Brasil (CONEP/CNS/MS) in order to describe the main actions carried out by the researchers in the course of the submission and ethical appreciation of the studies, as well as the procedures after the issuance of the position CEP and/or CONEP for the consubstantiated opinion.

With the use of many illustrations and diagrams, this manual will make it easier for the researcher to understand the processes in the Plataforma Brasil that he wants to carry out. Your summary is categorized by the action tabs of Plataforma Brasil. Initially, the User Registration chapter is presented, in which it describes the steps for registering a researcher on the Brazil Platform. Next, it discusses how to carry out the Institution Registration, in which the possibilities of categories of institutions, types of projects and how to use the resources presented are explained. The Change my Data chapter is for researchers who have performed some action that needs to be edited in their registration and in their documents on Plataforma Brasil.

In the Researcher Tab chapter, it is shown how to register and submit new projects and, also, for projects that are prior to Plataforma Brasil. The same chapter shows how to Submit Responses to Pending Issues and, if necessary, how to change the Researcher in Charge. There are also, in the next chapters, details on the actions of participating and co-participating projects in the Brazil Platform, with greater details of the necessary processes to be carried out by researchers and CEPs.

In its last three chapters, the manual tells how to submit an Amendment, Submit a Notification and Submit an Appeal. This technical manual is essential for researchers whose research directly or indirectly involves human beings when using the Brazil Platform.