The Genetic Heritage Commission – PATGEN, a permanent body within the PRP structure, has the function of supporting scientific research activities, bioprospecting, technological development and teaching activities that involve access to national genetic heritage (PG) and associated traditional knowledge ( CTA) within the scope of Unicamp, in accordance with current legislation (Law No. 13.123 / 2015 e Decree No. 8.772/2016).

Registration at SisGen

If you have carried out or are carrying out research or technological development on a sample of national genetic heritage and associated traditional knowledge, you must complete the Access Registration on the National Genetic Heritage Management System – SisGen.

Activities that must be registered:

  1. Access to PG or CTA,
  2. Shipping abroad,
  3. Sending a sample abroad for service provision

Registration must be done before:

  • Dissemination of results (final or partial, in scientific or communication media);
  • of the Shipment;
  • the Claim of any intellectual property right;
  • Marketing of the intermediate product;
  • Notification of finished product or reproductive material developed as a result of access (see definitions here)


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Economic Exploration

Notificação at SisGen, from finished product or reproductive material – developed from access to genetic heritage or associated traditional knowledge – must be carried out before its commercialization, as well as the Presentation do Benefit Sharing Agreement (ARB), which consists of the division of benefits arising from its economic exploitation. Click to learn more…