Learning is always one of our strategies. Here we show opportunities for updating knowledge, exchanging experiences with colleagues and specialists from Unicamp and outside it, in addition to examples and sites that may be useful for research support teams and for researchers themselves.

Annual schedule of integration meetings and exchange of experiences

  • 27/04, at 10:00 am: GRANT OFFICE – Working Meeting with UNICAMP Research Technical Assistants – Location: GGBS Auditorium
  • 31/05, at 10:00 am: GRANT OFFICE – How to prepare the accounts of projects financed by external agents – Location: GGBS Auditorium
  • 03/07 – 10am to 12pm: GRANT OFFICE - Processing of agreements, with the participation of FUNCAMP and DGA – Location: Educorp Auditorium
  • 12/09 – 10am to 12pm: GRANT OFFICE – Tramitação de NDAs e de convênios com empresas – INOVA – Location: Educorp Auditorium
  • 20/10 – 10am to 12pm: GRANT OFFICE – Tramitação de acordos e convênios internacionais – DERI e Importância jurídica dos convênios – PG
  • 05/12 – 10am to 12pm: GRANT OFFICE

Courses, Conferences and the like

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