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Questions about FAPESP projects?

Access the page FAPESP Support Point to view frequently asked questions.

I got funding from a national/international institution. How should I proceed to receive the appeal?

If the financing resource is deposited in a Unicamp or Funcamp account, it will be necessary to sign an Agreement between the granting institution and Unicamp and/or Funcamp. For this, the research support professional of the Unit, Center or Nucleus where the professor or researcher is working needs to open a Digital Agreement on the Administrative Systems portal – SIAD. Note that the agreement process must proceed as established in the Resolution CONSU-A-016/2022.

What are the indirect cost rates (RCI – Reimbursement of Indirect Costs) for agreements?

8% for the Integration, Development and Socialization Program (PIDS), 3% for the Research and Extension Teaching Support Fund (FAEPEX), minimum of 3% for Institutional Support for the Unit (AIU) – depends on the unit – and 6,5% for FUNCAMP. See Resolution GR-036/2008.

I need to submit form W-8BEN-E to submit a proposal. Who can help me?

Send request to

I need the signature of the Dean or Dean of Research on a document to submit proposals for funding calls or research partnerships. Who should I apply to?

Send request to with the model of the support letter, the research project (same draft) and the notice to which the proposal refers.

How do I register my laboratory with PNIPE?

Registration must be carried out on the website of National Research Infrastructure Platform – MCTI. The step-by-step instructions for this registration are on our website. Information.

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