FAPESP Support Point

The Support Point's function is to guide fellows and researchers on the procedures for submitting proposals and using resources involving the Foundation.

We inform you that from 2024 the package between UNICAMP and FAPESP will be suspended. If necessary, documents must be sent to FAPESP by post; shipping is the responsibility of the interested party.

For the benefit of the scientific community, FAPESP publishes on its website the entire analysis system for grants and research grants, in addition to the dates of collegiate meetings. The availability of information, accessible through the links below, aims to allow researchers to guide their submissions in order to optimize the waiting time for FAPESP's decisions.


How to use the BB Pesquisa / FAPESP card?

we elaborate um Quick guide summarizing the most used transactions. You can also consult the Fapesp guidance manual.

What is the international daily rate limit at FAPESP?

We clarify that it is limited to 10 international days for researchers and 7 for scholarship holders, as Ordinance PR n. 35/2020.

Can I participate in a congress without presenting work, paying the expenses with the BC?

Participation in a Scientific or Technological Meeting presupposes the presentation of scientific work related to the processes to which the Researcher in Charge or Main recipient of the resources is linked. Participation in events without the presentation of papers may be supported only in exceptional circumstances, duly justified in the Scientific Report and subject to merit analysis.

Can I use RT for lab renovation? 

Yes. According to Rules for the Use of Technical Reserve Resources, section 4.2.1, the following are financeable items: “j) Laboratory renovations and other expenses for research infrastructure, intended to directly support the project that originates the funds, except for PIPE.”


What documents and forms are needed to submit a proposal to FAPESP?

Proposals must be submitted in the SAGe (Support System for Development Management) For each type of proposal, a specific document or form will be presented. The list of all documents is available on the (DOCUMENTS) tab in the proposal.

I used all the financial resources of my FAPESP project, how should I prepare the accountability?

Before using the resources, check the FAPESP Norms. The rendering of accounts is carried out in the system SAGe, and for each type of expense it will be necessary to present the receipts as described in the rules. Tip: after using the value, filling in the rendering of accounts can now be started in the SAGe system.

What types of scholarships can be awarded as a budget item for each type of Aid?

in mode Research Assistance Regular Technical Training and Course Participation Scholarships are financeable.

in mode Project Thematic Young Researcher Grants, Scientific Initiation Grants, Master's Degrees, Direct Doctorates, Scientific Journalism, Public Education, Technical Training and Course Participation are financeable.

in mode Research Assistance Young Researcher Scholarships for Scientific Initiation, Direct Doctorate, Post-Doctorate, Scientific Journalism, Public Education, Technical Training and Course Participation are financeable.

in mode CPE, according to the call notice, Post-Doctorate, Doctorate, Direct Doctorate, Master's, Scientific Initiation and Technical Training Scholarships may be requested.

in mode CEPID, according to the call notice, scholarships for Scientific Initiation, Technical Training, Scientific Journalism, Pedagogical Improvement, Master's Degree, Doctorate, Direct Doctorate and Post-Doctorate may be requested.


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