The office

The Grant Office (GO) is an office linked to the Pro-Rectory of Research at UNICAMP with the objective of offering institutional support to researchers reducing the administrative activities inherent to the development of research.

The GO assists the researcher in search for opportunities, both research funding and participation in national and international research groups, in elaboration, submission, execution and conclusion of research projects and dissemination of its results, giving him time effective and quality dedicated to research activity.

With an eye on the future and seeking to identify professors and researchers with the potential to participate in daring initiatives and in large collaborative research projects, the GO's actions aim to contribute to further increase the social, economic and intellectual impacts of science produced at UNICAMP.

With a management model inspired by the successful experiences of universities around the world, its administrative structure was designed based on the following lines of action:


Active search and effective dissemination of new sources of research funding with the aim of expanding the collection of resources for research carried out at UNICAMP and the researcher's ability to interact with national and international research teams.


Access by the academic community, especially the decentralized research support teams, to training opportunities to improve skills related to the Office's scope of action, allowing the integration and harmonization of the good experiences that already exist at the university.


Support for the elaboration and submission of research projects, especially those to be submitted by early career researchers.

Support for management, both large research projects and long-term funding programs and smaller projects.

about the logo

The logo represents GO's range of activities and assigns a color to each of its main areas of activity.

The choice of logo colors was made in analogy to the RGB (red, green, blue) standard – where the color of each image pixel is the result of the combination of these three basic colors that, when combined, generate millions of color possibilities -, indicating the diversity of GO actions and its decentralized, yet integrated and combined structure, including the participation of all academic bodies and units of the university.

The green color assigned to Prospection shows that the researcher has a “green light” to submit proposals or apply to participate in new collaborative research and funding opportunities.

the red stops Training tries to draw attention to the permanent need to update knowledge, to the importance of “always learning”.

Fleet it needs to be agile and effective, giving researchers the necessary peace of mind to carry out their projects, hence the blue color.


  • Prof. Marilda Bottesi
  • PRP Special Advisor for GO implementation
  • José Emilio Maiorino
  • Support for Submission of Proposals
  • Ruth Romero Reynoso
  • Support for Prospecting Opportunities
  • Leandro de Freitas
  • Project Management Support
  • Fabiana Edwiges Agnelo
  • Project Management Support