It is often necessary for the researcher to make some kind of registration (national or international) or provide UNICAMP registration data in order to be able to submit proposals. Here are the most used links and registration data:


Registration in MCTIC National Research Infrastructure Platform – PNIPE – necessary for submitting proposals to FINEP. See the step by step of this registration.

CATI Accreditation – necessary in the case of projects involving the enjoyment of the benefits of the Information Technology Law.

International transactions

For submission of proposals or participation in projects in the USA

  • Dun & Bradstreet Universal Numbering System (DUNS): 899376974
  • UEI (Unique Entity ID): DJQ9A858R5N5
  • NATO Commercial & Government Entity Code (NCAGE): 00JZK
  • eRA Commons (contact by email
    IPF Code: 222001

For submission of proposals or participation in projects in the European Union

  • PIC (Participant Identification Code): 999550857
  • Pador (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration):
    EuropeAid ID (EID): BR-2020-CSE-1109464214
    LEF ID: 6000079181
  • VAT Identification Number: 46068425000133 (CNPJ Unicamp without symbols)
  • Registration Number: 46068425000133 (CNPJ Unicamp without symbols)

Registration at PNIPE

The registration of laboratories and equipment must follow the flow below: 

  1. Once the institution and its representatives are registered on the platform, the person responsible for the laboratory must also register on the platform using the address
  2. Once you have registered and accessed the platform, you must then request a link to the laboratory under your responsibility with the home institution (option “Request Laboratory Inclusion” located in the menu on the left side of the internal area); 
  3. Once the laboratory link request has been made, the institution's representative must analyze the request. It is worth noting that once you are duly registered on the platform, you will receive an email informing you of the request to link the laboratory to the institution under your responsibility and that an alert, identified by the bell icon in the top right corner of the internal area, can also be accessed to check pending bond requests; 
  4. If the request is approved, the person responsible for the laboratory will then be able to complete the registration of laboratory data as well as register the equipment contained in the laboratory in question; 
  5. Once registration is completed and the laboratory is published, both it and its equipment will be available for consultation in the public area of ​​the platform. 

CATI Accreditation

It deals with the necessary accreditation of Institutions to carry out Research and Development activities in Information and Communication Technologies with companies qualified to enjoy the incentives of the Information Technology Law.

To obtain accreditation with the Information Technology Area Committee - CATI, institutions must submit the required documentation, in PDF format (OCR), through electronic petition using the system CADSEI, observing the period from January 01st to June 30th of each year, as stipulated in CATI Resolution 44/2018. The accreditation process can be followed through the service protocol.

If the request is granted, a Resolution is published by the MCTI, valid for two years, which enables the Institution to enter into agreements within the scope of the Information Technology Law with qualified companies.

At Unicamp, all the necessary documentation for the accreditation process must be prepared and submitted by the interested Unit, and the application must be signed by the Rector.

If agreements are proven, pursuant to Law No. 8.248/1991 and amendments, while the resolution is in force, accredited institutions will have their accreditation resolutions automatically extended for 2 years, and so on.

Accreditation is regulated by the CATI Resolution 44/2018, which further establishes and describes all documents required for the submission process.

Additional Clarifications

Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications – MCTIC
Secretary of Digital Policies - SEPOD
Executive Secretariat of CATI
Phone: (61) 2033-8020 / 2033-7646