Institutional Scientific and Technological Initiation Scholarship Programs

Unicamp's Scientific and Technological Initiation Programs serve undergraduate students, putting them in direct contact with groups and lines of research to provide learning techniques and scientific methods.

It aims to stimulate personal and professional development and critical thinking; The student is guided by an experienced research professor who is active in his respective area of ​​knowledge, under the conditions created by direct confrontation with practical research problems.

Quota 2024 | 2025

Process Steps:


Student must identify the line of research of interest and search for a Unicamp advisor


Student performs the 1st stage of registration (personal data and indication of the advisor) from 15/04/2024


advisor performs the 2st stage of registration (personal data and research project), only after the completion of the 1st stage and until 13/05/2024.


Application received


Evaluation process


Disclosure of assessments


Call for recipients according to the number of vacancies and scholarships available


Start of Scientific/Technological Initiation activity

Quota 2023 | 2024

Scholarships in effect

The student can carry out research with a scholarship or voluntarily (without a scholarship), according to the modalities below: