Opportunities and Financing

CNPq – Hydrological and Geodynamic Event Forecast

Proposals must be made up of the executing institution and at least one other different R,D&I institution.

The call will support research projects on extreme meteorological events, of short-term and limited spatial scale, focusing on development of tools that support the issuance of risk alerts for floods and landslides arising from hydrological and geodynamic events, aiming to prevent natural disasters and minimize their damage.

Projects must be included in the following Lines of Research:

Line 1 – Short Term Forecast and hydrological events: develop methods, models and tools for short and very short term forecasting of extreme hydrological events, such as flash floods, flash floods and floods with rapid response time

Line 2 – Short Term Forecast and geodynamic events: develop models and methods for short and very short-term forecasting of geodynamic events (landslides), aiming to provide accurate and reliable information on the occurrence of these events, developing early warning systems.

The proposals are expected to be interdisciplinary, multi-institutional and provide for the sharing of data and information with governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies and local communities, in order to enable the tools, technologies and methodologies developed are effectively applied.

The projects will be financed with resources ranging from R$500 to R$2 million, for cost items, capital and grants, with a maximum execution period of 36 months. Proposals must be forwarded to CNPq by October 16th.

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