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Grant Office is introduced to CCP members

Implementation project in the PRP of a Research Support Office has been gaining structure and presents the first ideas and initial work plan.

A work proposal structured based on the axes of action of the Grant Office (GO), "prospecting opportunities", "training the administrative and academic community" and "project management" was presented at the Commission's meeting yesterday (15/02). Research Center by the PRP special advisor for GO implementation, Marilda Bottesi.

The Office aims to offer institutional support to researchers, reducing the administrative activities inherent in the search for opportunities, preparation, submission, execution, conclusion and dissemination of research project results, giving them effective and quality time dedicated to the project.

According to Marilda, “with an eye on the future, the GO wants to carry out actions that contribute to further increase the impact of the science produced at Unicamp. To do so, it is essential to think big, always learn and be bold, agile and focused.”

During the presentation, the Dean of Research, João Marcos Travassos Romano, highlighted the importance of the Office as a strategic action by the PRP to support researchers, aiming to offer increasingly adequate conditions for the full development of their activities.

During this initial period, in addition to presenting the proposal to the CCP, we will meet with the coordinators of large projects to understand their main and most urgent demands, explains Marilda. “We will also explore the Research Management and Administration Offices – RMAs from leading universities in the world to learn and involve the PRP team in the GO implementation process. Next, we intend to intensify work to publicize opportunities in partnership with DERI and the SEC, using GO’s new tools for dissemination (newsletter and website) and other institutional communication channels.”

The full presentation of the Grant Office can be seen here.

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