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PRP brings together coordinators of large thematic research centers

The meeting had the objective of subsidizing the elaboration of an institutional proposal to support the management and operation of large centers.

This Thursday (June 1) the Dean of Research gathered coordinators and researchers responsible for large thematic research centers installed at the University, financed by FAPESP, CNPq and other funds.

The purpose of the meeting was to listen to the researchers about the main challenges encountered in the execution of the projects, mainly those related to management, including the infrastructure of the centers and support staff.

Although Unicamp has a very robust research infrastructure, investment must be a constant action, aimed at maintaining and improving existing facilities, as well as adapting and expanding spaces to meet new project demands.

From the conversation with the leaders and those responsible for the large Research Centers, what is intended is the elaboration of a proposal for an institutional support program aimed at eliminating the greatest difficulties related to the management and operation of large Centers, offering even better conditions of competitiveness in the submission stages.

Other topics of the meeting were the identification of opportunities and fundraising, intellectual property and technology transfer, data management, evaluation and communication of results, topics related to the work of the Grant Office.

The meeting was well received by the directors who suggested periodic meetings with the PRP aimed at exchanging management experiences between the centers, discussing demands and possible solutions.