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Espaço da Escrita is a strategic project linked to the Dean of Research that aims to encourage the publication of articles produced by Unicamp researchers in international scientific journals and journals, in addition to book chapters, in order to increase the visibility and impact of the research developed at the University with the world academic community.

It is important to highlight that, in all publications, in any language, the University must always be cited in Portuguese, as follows: Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) – Resolution CONSU-A-024/2023

In addition to providing translation and review services for articles in a foreign language, Espaço da Escrita also promotes training events in scientific communication for the entire university community, in all areas of knowledge, as a way of developing academic skills.

Services Offered

Translation or revision of complete works to be submitted to indexed periodicals of international circulation and book chapters;

  • Translations from Portuguese into English, French and Spanish;
  • Reviews in English, French and Spanish.

The following authors/co-authors can request the services

  • Professors from all careers at Unicamp;
  • PQ Career Researchers;
  • Retired Unicamp Collaborating Professors/Researchers.

Annual service limit per applicant

  • Up to 3 articles per applicant, counted from January to December of each year.

file format

  • Word exclusively.

Execution times and word limits

  • Up to 8 thousand words: 20 calendar days (not counting any breaks).
  • More than 8 thousand words: 30 calendar days (not counting any breaks).
  • More than 12 thousand words: 35 calendar days (not counting any breaks).
  • For shorter deadlines, consult the Writing Space with the appropriate justification.
  • Articles with more than 12 thousand words may be considered as 2 or more works.
  • The count of the number of words includes, in addition to text, tables, graphs, figures, captions and footnotes.

Process Steps


Have a complete article (finished and revised) and indicate the indexed journal or publication (book) to which the article will be submitted.


Complete and sign the Writing Space service request protocol.


Send the protocol, completed and signed, to the email script@unicamp.br, accompanied by the article and glossary of technical terms, supporting articles or original/previous article, if any, as a reference for the translator/reviewer.


Wait for the service execution deadline.


Receive translation or proofreading service.


Up to 5 working days after receiving the service, complete and send the Espaço da Escrita services evaluation form to Escrito@unicamp.br.


Up to 2 months after receiving the service, send proof of submission of the article to the journal or the chapter to the publisher, as applicable, to Escrito@unicamp.br.


Inform Espaço da Escrita about the acceptance and effective publication of the work.

In case of unsatisfactory services

The author may request a review of the services received and considered unsatisfactory, including requesting another translator/reviewer, on two occasions:

  • Within 5 days of receipt, upon completion of the evaluation form;
  • Within 180 days of receipt, regardless of the information provided in the evaluation form.

Other important information:

  • Revision requests must be accompanied by new documents indicating the negative aspects of the text, and additional clarifications from the author may be requested;
  • In cases of minor revision, with criticisms in English, the review of the services will be carried out within 7 working days, or less, if there is a fixed submission date;
  • In cases of major revision with English criticism or the need to review new passages, the review period will be 12-15 business days;
  • In the event of a new unsatisfactory assessment, a second review may be requested following the same procedures as the first;
  • Revisions requested after a maximum period of 180 days from receipt of services will be treated as a new request.

Suspension of services

Applicants who:

  • Within 5 working days after receiving the service, do not fill in and send to writing@unicamp.br the evaluation form for the Espaço da Escrita services;
  • Within 2 months after receiving the service, do not send to writing@unicamp.br proof of submission of the article to the journal or the chapter to the publisher, as the case may be.

The suspension will be lifted after compliance with the above obligations.

Mention to the work of the Writing Space

At the end of the translated or revised texts via Espaço da Escrita, mention or acknowledgment to the Espaço da Escrita/Pro-Rectory of Research at UNICAMP should be mentioned as follows:

  • The author thanks Espaço da Escrita – Dean of Research – UNICAMP – for the language services provided (for works with a single author);
  • The authors thank Espaço da Escrita – Dean of Research – UNICAMP – for the language services provided (for co-authored works);

Consult the Writing Space for mention or acknowledgment in Spanish or French.

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Technical Responsible

Ariane Silva

Contact us

Project Manager: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 17:30 pm
E-mail: writing@unicamp.br
Phone: (19) 3521-2950
Address: Rua da Reitoria, 121 – University City “Zeferino Vaz”
Baron Geraldo – Campinas, SP