About the PRP

The Dean of Research is a body of the Central Administration of UNICAMP and its objective is to establish, together with the Central Research Commission and the University Council, the University's scientific policy, encouraging actions and implementing the necessary conditions for research to take place. developed in all areas of knowledge is always at the highest level of quality and innovation, both nationally and internationally, contributing to the scientific, technological and social development of the country.

The Pro-Rectory of Research will fulfill its attributions by seeking:

  • Promote the development of high-quality, internationally competitive scientific and technological research, as an indispensable condition for the country's sovereignty and independence, encouraging innovative projects with high technological and social impact.
  • Encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences between UNICAMP researchers, between them and other institutions, in the country and abroad, dedicated to scientific research;
  • Foster the generation and transfer of knowledge with a positive impact on society in the form of technological products, services and public policies
  • Stimulate the culture of good practices and ethical integrity in research through educational, dissemination, guidance and training actions accessible to all researchers, in compliance with national and international principles for receiving and investigating complaints of misconduct and scientific malpractice.
  • Expand fundraising for the development of research carried out at the University, identifying opportunities and encouraging the submission of projects to alternative funding sources.
  • Expand the international exposure of research developed at UNICAMP by encouraging international collaborations and the mobility of researchers to institutions abroad, exploring and expanding international research networks.
  • Support University researchers in their projects, offering assistance and adequate infrastructure conditions for the development of research, encouraging collaboration between units and the sharing of laboratories, equipment and multi-user research spaces.
  • Stimulate the awakening of the scientific vocation in young graduate talents, contributing to training in research activity, technological development and innovation through institutional scientific initiation programs with projects guided by experienced University researchers.
  • Encourage research by all means at its disposal, including the granting of complementary aid for the execution of specific projects through the Fund for Supporting Teaching, Research and Extension – Faepex.
  • Gather and make available information related to research activities carried out at UNICAMP, as a source of management support, including, in addition to traditional quality metrics, other indicators that reflect the social relevance of the University.