Oportunidades e Financiamentos

IN-PART convida pesquisadores para oportunidades de colaboração com rede industrial no combate ao coronavírus

To combat the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19), we are inviting academics and research commercialisation professionals to submit collaboration and commercialisation opportunities to our industry network, with no associated costs nor requirement of an IN-PART subscription.
IN-PART is an online collaboration platform that connects academic research with teams at over 6,000 R&D intensive companies worldwide, including >95% of the world’s top 100 Pharma and Biotech companies. Our platform users are engaged and positioned to directly collaborate with academia to commercialise new research.
Using the template accessible via this link, we ask any university administrator working within research commercialisation, or academic researcher who has conducted or is conducting research relating to combating COVID-19 directly (e.g. prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines, anti-viral drugs etc.) or indirectly (e.g. protective equipment, diagnostics etc.), to provide non-confidential details of their work to our audience, for the purposes of research translation.
If you know of more suitable individuals for this opportunity, please forward this email.
There are more details in the linked submission form above, but if you have any questions in the first instance, please email me or my colleagues at discover@in-part.co.uk.